orn and raised in the Southern California sun, Lindsey Lockwood isn’t the type of girl you normally picture when you hear the word model. Today she has a strong career but when she was young she was a tomboy at heart. That led to her being discovered (alongside her identical twin sister Amanda) at a Newport Beach skateboarding competition at the tender age of fourteen. This chance discovery, unbeknownst to her, changed the course of her life.


As it turns out, she was a natural in front of photographers. Within a short time she landed in several high-profile magazines, such as Seventeen, Teen Magazine, and German Vogue, all before graduating high school.


With diploma in hand, Lindsey and her best friend/inseparable confidante/twin sister set off to conquer the Big Apple. “Without her,” Lindsey says, “I wouldn’t be me.” New York had an array of opportunities but couldn’t hold her for long. She heard Europe calling and after two years in the city that never sleeps, she jumped the Pond and hit the European scene like a hurricane. She spent most of her time in Paris, France where she soaked in the culture and built up her portfolio.


Despite the new found fame, Lindsey was still a family girl at heart and in 2002 she decided to come to Los Angeles to be a short distance away from her home town and family in Redlands, California. “I’m fortunate,” Lindsey says. “Los Angeles is the perfect location for both being close to my family and pursuing my career.“


As a recent Case Girl on “NBC’s Deal or No Deal” working close to stars such Howie Mandel it wasn’t the first time Lindsey has been front and center on the small screen. She’s been featured in countless commercials and appeared in several televisions shows since coming back home to California. It seems that she loves the camera as much as it loves her.


Lindsey strives to lead a healthy lifestyle by eating right and exercising often. Elite clients such as Shape, Fitness and

Runner's World magazines have also adored her health practices by making her their cover girl. She may love running, hiking, and yoga but she’s also a bit of a pseudo-geek. She does computer website design, plays video games, blogs and isn’t shy around a poker table. Lindsey has been playing Texas Hold ‘em poker for 8 years, with a winning bankroll to prove it.


But it’s not all chips, bits and bytes for Lindsey; she’s also a bit of a renaissance woman. In her down time she loves fashion, art, cooking, writing and reading classic literature like Steinbeck, Tolstoy, J.D. Salinger, John Irving, and Ernest Hemingway (some of her favorite works being “East of Eden” and “The Time Traveler’s Wife”). She also spends two days every week molding pottery at a ceramics studio where she can lose herself in her art or dream up new vegetarian recipes to test drive for dinner.


Combining life long experiences of being on set, healthy living and her love of books, in 2010 Lindsey ventured out to start yet another story. She begin writing Secret Model Beauty. Already a beauty go-to girl for her friends and family, she felt writing a book with her knowledge of makeup and beauty was the natural next step. “Sharing products and tips which work is my only mission,” Lindsey professes. Released in mid August 2011, the reaction to the beauty boosting book has been of praise.


What’s next for this vivacious California girl? Having a solid foundation of support like her twin sister and her childhood sweetheart to help inspire, push, and lean on we can only imagine what we have yet to see in the future. This is only the beginning of art, advertising, entertainment and writing that will influence our views on what we behold as beauty.

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